Gelatin Vacant Capsule(明胶胶囊)

   Gelatin Vacant Capsules are prepared from gelatin with certain amounts of pigments, opacifier, which general are transparent, semitransparent, or opaque.

   Gelatin Vacant Capsules have advantages of efficient masking taste, wide range of biologic applications, modest appearance and the convenience for swallowing, which are often served as pharmaceutical excipients and disintegrated and absorbed mainly at stomach.

  Gelatin Vacant Capsules are modelled as 00#, 0#, 0# plus, 1#, 1# plus, 2#, 3#, 4# and more that meeting requirements of all kinds of pharmaceutical packaging.

  We provide capsule products with circumferential printing, axial printing, dual-color printing and more. We also offer special customized products for clients. 

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) vacant capsule  HPMC 胶囊)

HPMC vacant capsules are prepared with vegetal materials - HPMC additive and appropriate excipients.

 This vacant capsule is made with natural plant that makes it favorable for vegetarians and other customers with vegetarian preference. This vacant capsule also comprises concepts of health, safety, nontoxicity and environmentally-friendliness. It also has advantages of low water content and high tenacity, which is able to be filled with pharmaceutical powder (high moisture) especially Chinese traditional medicine. It is an inert material without amino acids, which prevents cross-linking reaction with pharmaceuticals as well as Maillard reaction.

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